Will Utah pull Hard Seltzers from the state’s beer shelves? Nearly everywhere in the country the light and fruity drinks have dipped well into beer sales with their added advantage of ow-carbs and calories. However, do they meet Utah’s definition of beer? Some feel they are in a gray area, depending upon how they are made, with the critical question, are they brewed?

Beer is allowed in grocery stores with a strict high end limit of 5% abv. Higher than that and the product is relegated to the State Liquor Stores along with higher alcohol wine and spirits.

In 2008, Utah banned flavored malt beverages aka ‘alcopops’ in part because they might potentially be attractive to children…  similar to the controversy over ‘Joe the Camel’. In 2016 the state reconsidered that opinion and access to shelves was reinstated. How will all this turn out? The legislature regularly reviews alcohol laws and until then Seltzers will maintain their position in stores as their make-up is scrutinized and future determined. No doubt  banishment to the Liquor store would put a dent in sales.

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