On this Day in 1975, Anchor Brewing of San Francisco bottled its first production run of Liberty Ale.  From the brewery rescued by Fritz Maytag comes this hoppy ale which was championed around the country by Bob Brewer. Brewed on April 18, 1975 it celebrated Paul Revere’s ride and was one of the first to follow Anchor Steam from the brewery. Pouring Orange\Golden, it sports a generous head. Aroma is similar to the spicy character released by the unique Anchor yeast that produces ‘Steam’ beer, mingling with dry hopping from whole leaf Cascade hops. It has a malty, citric, spicy flavor that in its day was one of the hoppiest beers in the country. Medium bodied and with lively carbonation it finishes refreshing on a hot day, but be careful, the alcohol level is near a sneaky six percent.

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