Did you know, the Beer Fest uses more than 28,000 pounds of ice, sets up more than 30,000 square feet of tent, has a volunteer staff of more than 250 people, hands out 7,000 plastic cups, wristbands almost 5,000 people, provides a shuttle bus fleet that drives over 1,000 miles of routes, consumes over 50 large bottles of Carbon Dioxide to dispense 100,000 samples of beer; oh, and rents 110 porta pots, so you always have somewhere to go. All those numbers sound great but the best number is you’ve helped us over the years in donating in excess of Two million dollars to charitable causes.

Beer Fest Tickets for Mountain Brewers Beer Fest in Idaho Falls are now on sale at https://myidahotix.com/events/mountain-brewers-beer-fest-2022-6-4-2022

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