Boston Beer and its flagship Samuel Adams—announced a merger with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery reportedly worth $300 million, a deal of such note that it was broadcast nationally on CNBC, CNN, NPR, and in Fortune magazine. For years the Milton, Delaware brewery gained attention for its “off-center” (unconventional) view of beer and brewing and that reputation resulted in Sam tending an offer too good to pass up.

Husband and wife team Sam and Mariah Calagione first put Milton on the map when they settled their brewery into the town’s former cannery. Along with the brewpub they revived a local motel now known as the Dogfish Inn and then established a restaurant called the Chesapeake & Maine all of which are part of the merger. In return, the Calagione’s will acquire 407,000 shares of Boston Beer stock worth well over $ 100 million

Although the deal has raised the anxiety level among some of the local Dogfish Head fans, others aren’t as concerned. Rob Pfeiffer another Delaware brewer observed, “I think Dogfish will stay the same in Delaware for the most part. I don’t think we’ll have Sam Adams 90 Minute Light Lager anytime soon.”