Not the AB-InBev American-style Budweiser, but rather the Czech Budweiser. The Bud brewed in the Czech Republic is owned by the government and includes rights to the name there. Here Anheuser-Busch won the rights to the name in the American market (above the Panama Canal) in 1939. Elsewhere the use of the name remains in dispute with over 150 cases filed over the years, about 50 remain active. What would cause the Czechs to sell? A recent court case against the company (not beer related) resulted in a judgement owed of more than 640 million USD. But would ABI show interest? Some say no. In addition, analysts wonder about Czech political machinations that would require difficult navigation to overcome, not the least of which is consent of the Czech Parliament. Still, the possibility seems, at the least, news-worthy.

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