It just might happen. If the United States reaches a goal set at 70% of the country receiving a vaccination by the Fourth of July, Anheuser-Busch has pledged to buy adults a round of beer.

The Company’s chief of external affairs Cesar Vargas, said the company wanted to encourage vaccinations for those who have yet to receive one, “because that’s one big part of how we can all get back together.”

The giveaway which will open for seven days will begin if the Center for Disease Control and Prevention finds that 70 percent of US adults have received their vaccination and the offer from A-B will last for seven days thereafter. During that seven day period Adults 21 and over can receive a $5 virtual debit card that can be used to buy an  Anheuser-Busch product, including any of their beers (main stream or craft-style), along with any of their seltzers and nonalcoholic products.

The associated campaign which touts the offer states, “Let’s get ready for a summer like no other.” Let’s get ready for the greatest time in history to grab a beer.”

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