Under a proposed law, 39 of a current 80 seltzers sold in Utah will be pulled from Grocery and Convenience store shelves. The issue is a result of legislation drafted by State Senator Jerry Stevenson, who said “…we don’t want to be a state that interjects alcohol into 12-year-olds intravenously. (NOTE: not quite sure if it’s appropriate to place [SIC] after the word intravenously, perhaps that is what he actually meant to say).

Especially during COVID, the sale of packaged seltzers has been a life saver for many smaller breweries. The low carb, low sugar beverages are close to surpassing total wine sales. However, at least in Utah, the issue is flavorings that contain trace amounts of ethyl alcohol. Strange, since ethyl alcohol aka ethanol is produced in fermented beverages, including Beer, Wine and Spirits.

Perhaps this is all best summed up by  Kate Bradshaw, president of the Utah Beer Wholesalers Association, who explained, “This is a case of the Utah way”.

Mountain Brewers Beer Fest of Idaho Falls will return on JUNE 4, 2022

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