The North American Brewers Association thanks you for lending your expertise during the International Beer Awards and International Cider Awards judging. The competition’s success is a result of your dedication and hard work.
We are offering reimbursement of one half the room rate of the official hotel for each two sessions you judged. This year the full rate is $145.77, thus that amounts to a total of $ 72.89 for every two sessions you judge.
If you judged all sessions Wednesday through Friday the North American Brewers Association will include one extra day of reimbursement to cover the Saturday night stay of the Mountain Brewers Beer Fest.
Please fill out this on-line form before July 3, 2023 to receive payment.
If you paid for the room for another judge and require direct reimbursement from the North American Brewers Association, please provide the other judge(s) names in the designated space below.