Cancellation of International Beer Awards 2020

It is with regret that the North American Brewers Association must cancel the 2020 Mountain Brewers Beer Fest and International Beer Awards in Idaho Falls. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a solution to observing social distancing and protecting the health and safety of brewers, patrons, and our staff. Thus we join other beer events such as the GABF and Great British Beer Festival along with the Oregon Brewers Festival and Munich’s Oktoberfest, all of which were scheduled at nearly the same time or after the revised August date of our events.  This email does however, contain some important information.

First, we will resume celebration of the Fest, Beer Awards and Idaho Beer Week in 2021. The dates for those are: Idaho Beer Week May 31 to June 5th; International Beer Awards judging June 2 – 4; Awards ceremony June 4th and Mountain Brewers Beer Fest at Sandy Downs June 5th information will be posted on our website as plans are set and you will also receive the usual electronic and paper notifications. NOTE: If you entered the International Beer Awards for 2020 you will have the option of having us carry over your entry fees to 2021 or electing to receive a refund. Refunds will be mailed 2 to 3 weeks after we receive your notification of selecting that option.

Next, we will offer all of you a few other FREE means to promote your beer and brewery. We will be building a section of our website for breweries to post promotional videos. We’d suggest an approximately 5 minute long video that shows the outside of your brewery, the tasting room (as applicable) the brewery (kettle and tun, tanks, canning\bottling line, filter, etc.) and perhaps your flagship beer(s). Please send a copy of your brewery logo as well.

In another area we are opening our beer reviews, which are posted on our website and facebook page to beers you may wish to promote. To take advantage of this offer please ship us two of your selected beer(s) along with a short description or designated style type, and a jpeg image of your beer. We will not be “judging” these beers, but rather providing a flavor, aroma, appearance and aftertaste summary of the beer. For an example go to our website, click on “News” from the homepage and then go to “Beers of the World”.

Thank you for your support and past participation. We look forward to better times, and resuming the tradition of the International Beer Awards and the Mountain Brewers Beer Fest.


Gregg Smith 

President N.A.B.A.

Lisa Smith

V.P. N.A.B.A, Director Mountain Brewers Beer Fest