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2006 North American Beer Awards Medal Winners

The North American Brewers Association announced the medal winners of the 2006 North American Beer Awards at the 12th Annual Mountain Brewers' Beer Fest in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  

Hundreds of beers representing breweries from New York to Alaska, Canada and Mexico, were judged. When the results were decoded and tabulated, Gold, Silver, and Bronze and in some cases Honorable Mention medals were awarded. The results are: 

Category Name

Honorable Mention




German Malted Wheat Ales-- Bavarian Style Hefeweizen


Lazy Boy Brewing--Lazy Boy Hefeweizen

Madison River Brewing-- Yellow Humpy Hefeweizen

Red Rock Brewing-- Bavarian Weiss

German Malted Wheat Ales-- Dunkel Weizen and Weizen Bock


Baron Brewing-- Uber-Weisse

Walking Man Brewing-- Perambulator

Alpine Brewing-- Alpine Weizenbock

German Lager Beers-- Bohemian Pilsner


Red Lodge Ales-- Czechmate Pilsner

New Belgium Brewing-- Blue Paddle Pilsner

Bend Brewing—

Bohemian Pilsner

German Lager Beers-- German Pilsner


Red Rock Brewing-- German Pilsner

Desert Edge Brewery—

Pub Pils

Hoppers Grill & Brewing-- This is the Pils

German Lager Beers-- Dortmunder and Vienna


Tommyknocker Brewery-- Ornery Amber Lager

Kona Brewing—

Longboard Lager

Trail Creek Brewing-- Amber

Munich Style Lagers-- Martzen-Oktoberfest


Silver City Brewing-- Oktoberfest

Boston Beer Co.--Samuel Adams Octoberfest

Millstream Brewing-- Schildbrau Amber

Munich Style Lagers—

Munich Dark


Capital Brewery-- Munich Dark

Trail Creek Brewing-- Dunkel

Red Rock Brewing-- Munich Dunkel Lager

Munich Style Lagers-- Munich Helles


Okanagan Spring Brewery-- Okanagan Spring Premium Lager

Caldera Brewing—

Caldera Helles Lager

Capital Brewery—

Bavarian Lager

Munich Style Lagers-- Schwarzbier


Baron Brewing-- Schwarzbier

Fort Collins Brewery—

Kidd Lager

Boston Beer Co.--Samuel Adams Black Lager

Bock Beers--Traditional Bock


Boundary Bay Brewery-- Dunkles Bock

Tommyknocker Brewery-- Butthead Bock

Sockeye Grill & Brewery-- Inebriator Maibock

Bock Beers—

Helles Bock/Maibock


Capital Brewery—


Capital Brewery-

Blonde Doppelbock

Ram/Big Horn Brewing (Puyallup)-- Maibock

Bock Beers--Doppel Bock and Eisbock


Capital Brewery—


Boston Beer Co.--Samuel Adams Double Bock

Capital Brewery—

Dark Doppelbock

English Bitter--Ordinary Bitter


Moab Brewery—

Deadhorse Ale

Stone Cellar Brewpub-- English Six Grain Ale

Uinta Brewing—

Cutthroat Pale Ale

English Bitter--(Special) Best Bitter


Boundary Bay Brewery-- ESB

Hoppers Grill & Brewing-- English Spring Ale

Redhook Ale Brewery-- Redhook ESB

English Bitter—

(Extra Special) Strong Bitter


Okanagan Spring Brewery-- Okanagan Spring India Pale Ale

Harmon Brewing—

Brown's Point ESB

Deschutes Brewery-- Bachelor ESB

Pale Ales-- English Pale Ale


Boston Beer Co.—

Samuel Adams Boston Ale

Hoppers Grill & Brewing-- Pale Morning Ale

Silver City Brewing—

Clear Creek Pale Ale

Pale Ales-- American Pale Ale


Uinta Brewing—

Trader IPA

Tommyknocker Brewery-- Pick Axe Pale Ale

Barley Brown's Brew Pub-- Tumble Off Pale Ale

Pale Ales-- American Strong Pale Ale


Rock Bottom Brewing—

Hop Bomb IPA

Madison River Brewing-- Hopper Pale Ale

Montana Brewing-- Sharptail Pale Ale

Pale Ales-- English-Style IPA


Pelican Pub & Brewery-- Nestucca ESB

Bull & Bush Brewery—


Pitchers Brewery-- Sensuous IPA

Pale Ales-- American-Style IPA


Pelican Pub & Brewery-- India Pelican Ale

Ice Harbor Brewing—

Ice Harbor IPA

Barley Brown's Brew Pub-- W.F.O. IPA

Pale Ales-- Double/Imperial IPA


Boundary Bay Brewery-- Imperial IPA

Moylans Brewing-- Moylander Double IPA

Moylans Brewing—Hopsickel Imperial Ale

American Amber-- American Amber Ale

Boundary Bay Brewery—Amber


Barley Brown's Brew Pub-- E.S.B.

Deschutes Brewery-- Cinder Cone Red

Hale's Ales Brewery-- Hale's Red Menace Big Amber Ale

American Amber-- American Amber Lager and American Light Amber Lager


Capital Brewery-- Wisconsin Amber


Michelob Amberbock

Boston Beer Co.—

Samuel Adams Light

Scottish & Irish Ales-- Scottish Light, Heavy, and Export


Pelican Pub & Brewery-- MacPelican's Scottish Style Ale

Stone Cellar Brewpub-- Tilted Kilt Scottish Ale

Grand Teton Brewing-- Scotch Ale

Scottish & Irish Ales-- Irish Red Ale, Double/Imperial Irish Red Ale


Bitter Root Brewing-- Bitter Root Irish Style Amber Ale

Widmer Brothers Brewing-- Northwest Red

Alaskan Brewing—

Alaskan Amber

Brown Ales-- Mild Brown Ale


Portneuf Valley Brewing-- Beligerant Ass Nut Brown Ale

Bertram's Salmon Valley Brewery-- Mount Borah Brown Ale

Moab Brewery—

Squeaky Bike Brown

Brown Ales-- English Brown Ale


Odell Brewing—

90 Shilling

Capital Brewery—

Brown Ale

Snake River/Jackson—

OB-1 Organic Ale

Brown Ales-- American Brown Ale


Wildlife Brewing—

Mighty Bison Brown Ale

Grand Teton Brewing-- Bitch Creek ESB

Pelican Pub & Brewery-- Doryman's Dark Ale

Porter--Brown Porter


Caldera Brewing—

Caldera Pilot Rock Porter

Wasatch Brew Pub-- Polygamy Porter

Left Hand Brewing-- Blackjack Porter

Porter--Robust Porter


Sierra Nevada Brewing-- Sierra Nevada Porter

Odell Brewing—

Cutthroat Porter

Flyers Restaurant & Brewery—

Pacemaker Porter

Stout-- Dry Stout

Dillon Dam-- McLuhr's Irish Stout

Boundary Bay Brewery-- Dry Irish Stout

Moab Brewery—

Black Raven Stout

Utah Brewers Cooperative-- Squatters Capt. Bastard Stout

Stout-- American Stout


Sockeye Grill & Brewery-- Purple Haze Expresso Stout

Bozeman Brewing—

Nitro Stout

Walking Man Brewing-- Walking Stick Stout


Stout-- Foreign Stout


Barley Brown's Brew Pub-- Stone Bros. Espresso Stout

Deschutes Brewery-- Obsidian Stout

Pelican Pub & Brewery-- Tsunami Stout

Stout-- Sweet Stout and Oatmeal Stout


Stone Cellar Brewpub-- Stone Cellar Stout

Alaskan Brewing—

Alaskan Stout

Bottoms Up Brewing-- Strom Bomb Stout

Stout-- Imperial Stout


Barley Brown's Brew Pub-- Turmoil

Boundary Bay Brewery-- Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Stone Brewing--Stone Imperial Russian Stout

Strong Ales-- English Old Ale

Bend Brewing-- Outback X Strong Ale

Ram/Big Horn Brewing (Oregon)-- Freeride

Odell Brewing-- Curmudgeon's Nip

Idaho Brewing—

Idaho Barley Wine

Strong Ales-- English Barley Wine


Scuttlebutt Brewing—Scuttlebutt’s Old #1 2005

Stone Cellar Brewpub-- Blind Sided Barley Wine

Deschutes Brewery-- Mirror Mirror Barley Wine

Strong Ales-- American Barley Wine


Boundary Bay Brewery-- Tenth Anniversary Ale

Water Street Brewing—

Old Wookie Barley Wine

Uinta Brewing—

XII Anniversary Barley Wine

Strong Ales-- Scotch Ale


Boundary Bay Brewery-- Highland Scotch Reserve

Walking Man Brewing-- High Road Scotch Ale

Silver City Brewing—

Fat Bastard

North American Lagers & Ales-- American Standard Lager, Latin American/Tropical Style


Grupo Modelo—

Corona Extra

Grupo Modelo—



Miller High Life

North American Lagers & Ales-- American Premium Lager


Miller—Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve



Coors-- Coors Original


North American Lagers & Ales--American Malt Liquors and American Specialty Lagers



Keystone Ice



Capital Brewery—

Capital "1900"

North American Lagers & Ales-- American Light Lagers


Ram/Big Horn Brewing (Oregon)-- Big Horn Light

Miller-- Miller Lite


Michelob Light

North American Lagers & Ales-- Canadian Style Golden Lagers & Ales and Light Ales


Deschutes Brewery-- Cascade Ale

Grupo Modelo—

Corona Extra

Bitter Root Brewing—

Bitter Root Sawtooth Ale

American Wheat Beers-- American Hefeweizen


Issaquah Brewhouse-- Bullfrog

Desert Edge Brewery-- Happy Valley Hefeweizen

Utah Brewers Cooperative-- Squatters Hefewiezen

American Wheat Beers-- American Style Wheat or Rye


Boston Beer Co.--Samuel Adams Summer Ale

Red Rock Brewing-- Roggen Rock

Brew Brothers Brewery-- Crystal Wheat 100

Flavored Beers-- Herbed/Spiced

Harmon Brewing-- Braveheart Scotch Ale

Tommyknocker Brewery-- Jack Whacker Wheat Ale

Harmon Brewing—

Vanilla Porter

Caldera Brewing—

Caldera Old Growth Imperial Stout #2

Flavored Beers-- Fruit Beers


Utah Brewers Cooperative-- Wasatch Apricot Hefeweizen

Boston Beer Co.—

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat


Wild Blue

Flavored Beers-- Honey Beer


Big Sky—Summer Honey Seasonal Ale

Madison River Brewing-- Salmon Fly Honey Rye


Michelob Honey Lager

Flavored Beers-- Malternatives


Coors-- Zima Hard Orange

Boston Beer Co.—

Twisted Tea Half & Half

Coors-- Zima Hard Lime

Flavored Beers-- Chili Beers


Barley Brown's Brew Pub-- Hot Blonde

Water Street Brewing-- Sexy Mexy Chile Beso

Ram/Big Horn Brewing (Tacoma )--Hot Blonde

Smoke & Wood Flavored Beers-- Smoke Flavored Beer


Barley Brown's Brew Pub-- Whiskey Malt Ale

Bottoms Up Brewing-- Smokin' Barrel Ale

Alaskan Brewing—

Alaskan Smoked Porter

Smoke & Wood Flavored Beers-- German Style Smoked Beer


None awarded

Barley Brown's Brew Pub-- Whiskey Malt Ale

Wolf Pack Brewing—Smokejumper Rauchbier

Smoke & Wood Flavored Beers-- Wood Flavored Beer


Silver City Brewing—

Fat Woody

Walking Man Brewing-- Somnambulator

Bull & Bush Brewery—

The Legend of the Liquid Brain Imperial Stout

Belgian Beers-- Dubbel and Belgian Dark Strong Ale

New Belgium Brewing-- Abbey Grand Cru

Bend Brewing—

 Wicked Medicine

New Belgium Brewing-- Abbey Belgian Style Ale

Big Sky Brewing—

Bière de Noel

Belgian Beers-- Tripel


Issaquah Brewhouse—Ménage-à-Frog

New Belgium Brewing-- Trippel Belgian Style Ale

Red Rock Brewing—

Rêve III

Belgian Beers-- Lambic, Bière de Garde, Saison


Boston Beer Co.-- Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic

Pelican Pub & Brewery-- Bridal Ale

Montana Brewing-- Stillwater Rye

Belgian Beers-- Belgian Wit (White)


Utah Brewers Cooperative-- Squatters Wit Bier

Millstream Brewing-- John's Generations White Ale


Spring Heat Spiced Wheat



1) Boston Beer Co.-- Samuel Adams Utopias MMIII

2) Siletz Brewing—

Siletz Chocolate Porter

Boston Beer Co.-- Samuel Adams Utopias MMV

Heads Up Brewing—

9mm Ale

Hybrid Beer Styles-- German-Style Kolsch


Hoppers Grill & Brewing-- Kevin's Kolsch

Wasatch Brew Pub-- Wasatch Kolsch

Ram Restaurant & Brewery (Idaho)--Clearwater Kolsch

Hybrid Beer Styles-- Alt


Brew Brothers Brewery-- Red Head Amber Ale

Golden City Brewery-- Legendary Red Ale

Scuttlebutt Brewing-- Scuttlebutt's Amber Ale

Hybrid Beer Styles-- California Common, Cream Ale or Lager


Uinta Brewing—

Gelande Amber Lager

Desert Edge Brewery-- Centennial Steamer

Blackfoot River Brewing-- Missouri River Steamboat Lager

Hybrid Beer Styles-- Blonde Ale



Beach Bum Blonde Ale

Redhook Ale Brewery-- Redhook Blonde

Pelican Pub & Brewery-- Kiwanda Cream Ale

Cider-- All Styles


Boston Beer Co.—

Hardcore Crisp Cider

Florida Beer Co—

John J. Kelly's Irish Raspberry Hard Cider

Boston Beer Co.—

Hardcore Golden Cider

Non-Alcoholic Malt-Based Beverages




O'Doul's Amber



Carbonated Soft Drinks


Grand Teton Brewing-- Teton Jack Ginger Ale

Boundary Bay Brewery- Boundary Bay Root Beer

Grand Teton Brewing—

Old Faithful Root Beer