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2005 North American Beer Awards Medal Winners

The North American Brewers Association announced the medal winners of the 2005 North American Beer Awards during the 11th Annual Mountain Brewers Beer Fest in Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 4, 2005.  

Hundreds of entries  representing breweries from Florida to Alaska, Canada and Mexico, were judged. When the results were decoded and tabulated, Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals were awarded, and for some categories, Honorable Mention.. The results are: 

 Downloadable versions:      2005 NABA Winners - Microsoft Word                   2005 NABA Winners - Adobe PDF





Honorable Mention

German Malted Wheat Ales--Bavarian Style Hefeweizen

Silver City Brewing--

Bavarian-Style Hefeweizen

Ruby Mountain Brewing—

Wild West Hefeweizen

Water Street Brewing (WA)—Smoke Stack Weizen


German Malted Wheat Ales--Dunkel Weizen, Kristall Weizen, and Weizen Bock

Wolf Pack Brewing—Druid Pack Dunkel Weizen

Prescott Brewing—Funkendunkel

Baron Brewing—Über-Weisse


German Lager Beers-- Bohemian Pilsner

Pub Ryan’s Brewery—Pallauicini Pilsner

Boundary Bay Brewery—Pilsner

Boston Beer Co.—Samuel Adams Light


German Lager Beers- German Pilsner -

Stone Cellar Brewpub—Marquette Pilsner

Utah Brewers Coop.--Provo Girl Pilsner

Capital Brewery-- Capital Special Pilsner


German Lager Beers-- Dortmunder

Bohemian Brewery—Dortmunder

Kona Brewing—Longboard Lager

Anheuser-Busch—Anheuser World Lager


German Lager Beers—


Millstream Brewing—Schild Brau Amber

Dillon DAM Brewery—DAM Straight Lager

Grand Teton Brewing—Teton Ale


Munich Style Lagers-- Martzen-Oktoberfest

Millstream Brewing—Schild Brau Amber

Anheuser-Busch—Michelob Marzen

Silver City Brewing--Oktoberfest


Munich Style Lagers—Munich Dark

Idaho Brewing—Maggie’s Dog Slobber

Capital Brewery—Capital Munich Dark

Okanagan Spring Brewery—Okanagan Spring Munich Mild Dark


Munich Style Lagers-- Munich Helles

Okanagan Spring Brewery—Okanagan Spring Premium Lager

Caldera Brewing—Caldera Helles Lager

Capital Brewery—Capital Bavarian Lager


Munich Style Lagers--Schwarzbier

Wolf Pack Brewing—Old Snaggletooth Schwarzbier

Boston Beer Co.—Samuel Adams Black Lager

Bohemian Brewery—Cherny Bock


Bock Beers—

Traditional Bock

Dillon DAM Brewery—Yo Han Bock

Silver City Brewing—Winter Bock

Sockeye Brewery—Inebriator MaiBock


Bock Beers—

Helles Bock

Capital Brewery—Capital Mai Bock

Capital Brewery—Capital Blonde Doppelbock

Capital Brewery—Capital Fest


Bock Beers—

Doppel Bock and Eisbock

Boston Beer Co.—Samuel Adams Double Bock

Capital Brewery—Capital Dark Doppelbock

Capital Brewery—Capital Autumnal Fire


English Bitters--Ordinary

Deschutes Brewery—Twilight Ale

Deschutes Brewery—Cascade Ale

Scuttlebutt Brewing—Homeport Blonde


English Bitters--Special

Boundary Bay Brewery—ESB

Lang Creek Brewery—London Ale

Boundary Bay Brewery—Reefnetter

Silver City Brewing—Yellow Jacket

English Bitters--ESB

Elysian Brewing—The Wise ESB

Moab Brewery—Scorpion Pale Ale

Alaskan Brewing—Alaskan ESB


Pale Ales—

English Pale Ale

Boston Beer Co.-- Samuel Adams Pale Ale

Hoppers  & Brewing-- Pale Morning Ale

Bitter Root Brewing—Lost Trail Pale Ale


Pale Ales—

American Pale Ale

Marin Brewing—Mt. Tam Pale Ale

Boundary Bay Brewery—Single Hop

Utah Brewers Coop.—Wasatch Special Reserve Pale Ale


Pale Ales-

English-Style IPA and Imperial IPA

Boundary Bay Brewery—Imperial IPA

Walking Man Brewing—Homo Erectus

Scuttlebutt Brewing—Gale Force IPA


Pale Ales—

American-Style IPA

Pelican Pub & Brewery—India Pelican Ale

Marin Brewing—Marin IPA

Boundary Bay Brewery—IPA


American Amber— American Amber Ale

Boundary Bay Brewery—Amber

Hales Ales Brewery—Red Menace Amber Ale

Deschutes Brewery—Cinder Cone Red


American Amber—

American Amber Lager

Capital Brewery—Capital Wisconsin Amber

Bayern Brewing—Amber

Coors—Killians Irish Red


Scottish Ales—

Scottish Light, Heavy, and xport

Hoppers Brill & Brewing—The Bruce’s 80/- Ale

Far West Brewing-- Hedge Row Red

Boundary Bay Brewery—Scotch Ale


Brown Ales—

Mild Brown Ale

Moab Brewery—Squeaky Bike Brown

Long Valley Pub & Brewery—Nut Brown Ale

Bertram’s Salmon Valley Brewery—Mt. Borah Brown Ale


Brown Ales—English Brown Ale

Grupo Modelo—Negra Modelo

Big Sky Brewing—Moose Drool

Dillon DAM Brewery—Sweet Georgia Brown Ale


Brown Ales—

American Brown

Red Rock Brewing—Nut Brown Ale

Utah Brewers Coop.—Superior Ale

Pelican Pub—Doryman’s Dark Ale



Brown Porter

Ruby Mountain Brewing

--Bristlecone Brown Porter

Deschutes Brewery—Black Butte Porter

Caldera Brewing—Pilot Rock Porter



Robust Porter

Elysian Brewing—Perseus Porter

Lang Creek Brewery—Porter

Far West Brewing—Three Threads Porter



Dillon DAM Brewery—McLuhr’s Irish Stout

Moab Brewery—Black Raven Stout

Wolf Pack Brewing—Storm Castle Irish Stout



Pelican Pub & Brewery—Tsunami Stout

Montana Brewing—Custer’s Last Stout

Deschutes Brewery—Obsidian Stout


Stout—Sweet Stout and Oatmeal Stout

Tommyknocker Brewery—Black Powder Stout

Boston Beer Co.—Samuel Adams Cream Stout

Caldera Brewing—Oatmeal Stout


Stout-- Imperial

Walking Man Brewing—Jaywalker

Silver City Brewing—Imperial Stout

Boundary Bay Brewery-- Imperial Oatmeal Stout


Strong Ales—

English Old Ale

Idaho Brewing—Dr. Hops Old Ale

Eel River Brewing—

Triple Exultation

Big Sky Brewing—Powder Hound Seasonal Ale


Strong Ales—

Barley Wine

Water Street Brewing (WA)—Old Wookie

Boundary Bay Brewery—Old Bounder

Big Sky Brewing—Big Sky Barleywine


Strong Ales—

Scotch Ale

Moylan’s Brewing—Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale

Boston Beer Co.—Samuel Adams Scotch Ale

Walking Man Brewing—High Road Scotch Ale


North American Lagers and Ales-- American Standard Lager

Miller—Miller High Life

Stone Cellar Brewpub—Red Light

Utah Brewers Coop.—Wasatch Fiesta


North American Lagers and Ales-- American Premium Lager

Capital Brewery—Capital 1900

Coors—Coors Original

Hoppers  & Brewing—Uno Mas


North American Lager and Ales-- American Malt Liquors, Canadian Style Golden Lagers and Ales, Latin American/Tropical Style Lagers and Ales

Miller—Olde English 800

Hoppers  & Brewing—Cerveza Buena

Bitter Root Brewing—Sawtooth Ale


North American Lagers and Ales- American Light Lagers -

Miller—Miller Lite

Miller—Milwaukee’s Best light

Coors—Coors Light


North American Lagers and Ales-- Light Ales

Grupo Modelo—Corona Light

Grupo Modelo—Corona

Redhook Ale Brewery—Blonde


American Wheat Beers

Issaquah Brewhouse—Bullfrog Ale

Montana Brewing—Whitetail Wheat

Barley Brown’s Brewpub –Coyote Peak Wheat


Flavored Beers-- Herbed/Spiced

Barley Brown’s Brewpub –Whiskey Malt Ale

Tommyknocker Brewery –Jack Wacker Wheat

Issaquah Brewhouse—Chamomellow


Flavored Beers—

Fruit Beers

Anheuser-Busch—9th Street Market Blood Orange-Grapefruit

Anheuser-Busch—9th Street Market Pomegranate--Raspberry

Ice Harbor Brewing—The Tangerine ExBEERience Hefeweizen


Flavored Beers-- Malternatives

Coors—Zima Hard Black Cherry

Boston Beer Co.—Peach Twisted Tea

Boston Beer Co.—Half and Half Twisted Tea


Belgian Beers—

Dubble and Flanders Brown Ale

New Belgium Brewing—Abbey Belgian Style Ale

Stone Cellar Brewpub—Inaugural Brew Grand Cru

Far West Brewing—My Big Fat Dubble


Belgian Beers—


Marin Brewing—Dipsea Tripel Anniversary Ale

Red Rock Brewing—

Reve II

New Belgium Brewing—Trippel Belgian Style Ale


Belgian Beers—Belgian Pale Strong Ale and Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Far West Brewing—The Sixth

Water Street Brewing (WA)—Quad Dubbel By-Pass

Big Sky Brewing—Big Sky Bìere de Noel

Snipes Mountain—Golden Ale

Belgian Beers—

 Belgian Wit

Moab Brewery—White Rim Wit Beer

Millstream Brewing—Johns’ Generations White Ale

Utah Brewers Coop.—Squatter’s Wit Bier


Belgian Beers—Bìere de Garde and Saison

Montana Brewing—Bìere de Rye

Pelican Pub & Brewery—Bridal Ale

Eugene City Brewery—Saison Eugene


Specialty/Experimental Beers

Bayern Brewing—Killarney

Caldera Brewing—Cauldron Brew

Rogue Ales—Morimoto Black Obi Soba Ale

Marin Brewing—Old Dipsea Barley Wine

German Style Kölsch

Alaskan Brewing—Alaskan Summer Ale

Hoppers Brill & Brewing—Kevin’s Kölschbier

Big Sky Brewing—Big Sky Crystal Ale


Ciders—All Styles

Boston Beer Co.—Hardcore Traditional Cider

Boston Beer Co.—Hardcore Crisp Cider

Boston Beer Co.—Hardcore Dabinett Cider


Carbonated Soft Drinks

Silver City Brewing—Ginger Ale

Boundary Bay Brewery—Root Beer

Tommyknocker—Key Lime Crème


Non-Alcoholic Malt-Based Beverages

Anheuser-Busch—O’Douls Amber


Coors—Coors Non-Alcohol




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