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2004 North American Beer Awards Medal Winners

The North American Brewers Association announced the medal winners of the 2004 North American Beer Awards during the Mountain Brewers Beer Fest in Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 5, 2004.  

Hundreds of entries  representing breweries from Florida to Alaska, Canada and Mexico, were judged. When the results were decoded and tabulated, Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals were awarded, and for some categories, Honorable Mention.. The results were: 






Honorable Mention

German Malted Wheat Ales--Bavarian Style Hefeweizen

Ruby Mountain—Ruby Mountain Hefeweizen

Silver City-- Bavarian Style Hefeweizen

Utah Brewers Cooperative—Wasatch Hefeweizen


German Malted Wheat Ales--Dunkel Weizen and Kristall Weizen

Prescott Brewing—Funkendunkel

Red Rock Brewing—Dunkel Weiss

Desert Edge—Downhill Dunkel Weizen


German Lager Beers-- Bohemian Pilsner

Laurelwood—Praha Pils

Red Lodge—Czechmate Pilsner

Red Rock—Red Rock Pilsner


German Lager Beers- German Pilsner -

Capital—Capital Special Pilsner

Utah Brewers Cooperative—Squatters Provo Girl Pilsner

Bayern—Bayern Pilsner


German Lager Beers-- Dortmunder

Widmer—Kona Longboard Lager

Snake River/Jackson—Rolling Thunder Dortmunder

Grand Teton—Old Faithful Ale


German Lager Beers—


Montana—Fat Belly Amber

Grand Teton—Teton Ale

Bohemian—Viennese Lager


Munich Style Lagers-- Martzen-Oktoberfest and Munich Helles

Boston—Samuel Adams Octoberfest

Capital—Capital Bavarian Lager


World Select


Munich Style Lagers-- Munich Dark and Schwarzbier

Bohemian—Czerny Bock

Capital—Capital Munich


Idaho Brewing—Idaho Schwarzbier


Bock Beers—

Traditional Bock

Tommyknocker—Butthead Bock

Boundary Bay—Dunkles Bock

Dillon Dam—Yo Han Bock


Bock Beers—

Helles Bock

Capital—Capital Blonde Doppelbock


Capital—Capital Maibock

Capital—Capital Fest


Bock Beers—

Doppel Bock and Eisbock

Capital—Capital Autumnal Fire

Boston—Samuel Adams Double Bock

Bayern—Bayern Dark Doppelbock


English Bitters--Ordinary

Deschutes—Cascade Ale

SKA—Pinstripe Red Ale

Widmer—Drop Top


English Bitters--Special

Moab--Scorpion Ale

Port Townsend—Boatyard Bitter

Snipes Mountain—Sunnyside Pale Ale


English Bitters--ESB

Alaskan—Alaskan ESB

Laurelwood—Organic Free Range Red

Boundary Bay—ESB


Pale Ales—

English Pale Ale

Bitter Root—Lost Trail Pale Ale

Boston—Samuel Adams Boston Ale

Bayhawk—Special Pale Ale


Pale Ales—

American Pale Ale

Deschutes—Mirror Pond Pale Ale

Deschutes—People’s Pale Ale

Tommyknocker—Pick Axe Pale Ale


Pale Ales-

English IPA

Idaho Brewing—Hop Dog

Snake River/Lander—On Belay IPA

Deschutes—Quail Springs IPA


Pale Ales—

American IPA

Far West Ireland—Ranger IPA

Boundary Bay—Inside Passage Ale

Silver City—Whoop Pass Ale

Bear Republic—Racer 5 IPA

American Amber— American Amber Ale

Bayhawk—Outback Amber Ale

Ruby Mountain—Angel Creek Amber Ale

Snake River/Jackson—Albright Amber


American Amber—

American Amber Lager

AB—Michelob Amber Dark

Capital—Capital Winter Skai

Coors—Killians Irish Red


Scottish Ales—

Scottish Light, Heavy, and Export

Carolina—Cottonwood Up Your Kilt Scottish Ale

Pump House—Pump House Scotch Ale

Kettlehouse—McDunnem Scotch Ale


Brown Ales—

Mild and English Brown

Oak Creek—Oak Creek Nut Brown Ale

SKA—Buster Nut Brown

Bertram’s—Mt. Borah Brown Ale


Brown Ales—

American Brown

Big Horn—Buttface Ale

Grand Teton—Bitch Creek ESB

Snipes Mountain—Coyote Moon Ale



Brown Porter

Ruby Mountain—Bristlecone Brown Porter

Harmon—Puget Sound Porter

Deschutes—Black Butte Porter



Robust Porter

Snake River/Lander—Pingora Porter


Prescott—Petrified Porter

SKA—Ten Pin Porter



Dillon DAM—McLuhr’s Irish Stout


Moab—Black Raven Stout



Snake River/Jackson—Zonker Stout

Pelican Pub—Tsunami Stout

Montana—Custer’s Last Stout



Widmer—Collaborator Milk Stout

SKA—SKA Milk Stout

Boston—Samuel Adams Cream Stout



Alaskan—Alaskan Stout

Utah Brewers Cooperative—Squatters Captain Bastard Stout


Estes Park—Samson Stout


Stout-- Imperial

Silver City—Imperial Stout

Boundary Bay—Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Rogue—Russian Imperial Stout


Strong Ales—

English Old Ale

Boundary Bay—Cabin Fever

Widmer—Old Embalmer

Big Sky—Powder Hound Seasonal Ale


Strong Ales—

Barley Wine

Uinta—10th Anniversary Barley Wine

Laurelwood—Old Fireside Barley Wine

Idaho Brewing—Idaho Barley Wine


Strong Ales—

Scotch Ale

Silver City—Fat Bastard

Boston—Samuel Adams Scotch Ale

Widmer—Scotty’s Toddy


North American Lagers-- American Standard Lager

Fosters (Canada)—Fosters Imported Lager

Wasatch—Wasatch Fiesta

Latrobe--Rolling Rock


North American Lagers-- American Premium Lager

Miller—Miller Genuine Draft

Rainier Brewing—Rainier

Columbia Brewing-- Kokanee


North American Lagers-- American Malt Liquors

AB—Hurricane Malt Liquor

AB—King Cobra

Coors--Keystone Ice


North American Lagers- American Light Lagers -

Coors—Coors Light

Coors—Coors Aspen Edge Light Lager

Coors—Keystone Light


North American Lagers-- Canadian Style Golden Lagers and Ales

Molson--Molson Canadian Lager

Tommyknocker—Alpine Glacier Lager

Henry Weinhard’s—Northwest Trail Blonde Lager


North American Lagers-- Light Ales; Latin American or Tropical Style Lagers and Ales


Pelican—Kiwanda Cream Ale

Modelo--Corona Extra


American Wheat Beers

Montana—Whitetail Wheat

Pug Ryan’s—Morningwood Wheat


Bayhawk—Claimjumper Hefeweizen


Flavored Beers-- Herbed/Spiced

Carolina—Cottonwood Pumpkin Spice Ale

Alaskan—Alaskan Smoked Porter

Rogue—Smoke Ale


Flavored Beers—

Fruit Beers

Hoppers—Orange Honey Wheat

Dillon DAM—DAM Chili Beer

Wasatch—Wasatch Raspberry Wheat

Pump House—Blueberry Ale

Flavored Beers-- Malternatives

Coors—Zima Hard Black Cherry

Boston—Raspberry Twisted Tea

Boston—Twisted Tea


Belgian Beers—

 Dubble, Belgian Dark Strong Ale, Flanders Brown Ale, and Bière de Garde

Big Sky—Bière de Noël

Snake River/Jackson—Ned Flanders Brown Ale

Brewzzi—Monk Mountain


Belgian Beers—

Tripel and Belgian Pale Strong Ale

Widmer—Triple Threat

Snake River/Jackson—Devil’s Own Ale

Liberator—Trainwreck Tripel


Belgian Beers—

 Belgian Wit

Coors—Blue Mountain Belgian White

Millstream—John’s Generations White Ale

Snake River/Jackson—Dim Wit


Specialty/Experimental Beers

Boston—Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock

Red Rock—Red Rock Rève

Boston—Samuel Adams Millenium


German Style Kölsch

Uinta—Solstice Kölsch

Big Sky—Big Sky Crystal Ale

Red Lodge Ales—Red Lodge Reserve Ale







Draft Cider

Indian River—John J. Kelly’s Traditional Irish Hard Cider

Indian River—John J Kelly’s Raspberry Hard Cider

Boston—Hard Core Crisp Cider


Carbonated Soft Drinks

Boundary Bay—Root Beer

Uinta—Apple Beer

Jackson Hole Soda Co.—High Mountain Huckleberry


Non-Alcoholic Malt-Based Beverages

AB—O’Doul’s Amber

Coors—Coors Non-Alcohol





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