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2003 North American Beer Awards Medal Winners

The North American Brewers Association announced the medal winners of the 2003 North American Beer Awards during the Mountain Brewers Beer Fest in Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 7, 2003.  

"Brewers, beer writers and certified judges made up our panel of judges,” said Andy Shaw, Competition Director. “Hundreds of beers were tasted and evaluated over three days, in a 'double blind' format. We're proud to present the winners for 2003."

More than 500 entries, representing breweries from Florida to Alaska, Canada and Mexico, were judged. When the results were decoded and tabulated, Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals were awarded, and for some categories, Honorable Mention.. The results were: 







Honorable Mention

German Malted Wheat Ales

Bavarian Style Weizen

Oak Creek – Oak Creek Hefeweizen

Ruby Mountain –  Hefeweizen

Idaho Brewing – Idaho Hefeweizen


German Malted Wheat Ales

Dunkel Weizen and Weizen Bock

Capital – Kloster Weizen

Hops Brewery – Beat the Heat Wheat

Boston – Samuel Adams Weiss Bier


German Lager Beers

Bohemian Pilsner

Utah—Squatters Provo Girl Pilsner

Boundary Bay Pilsner

Red Rock—Bohemian Pilsner


German Lager Beers

German Pilsner

Uinta—Club Pilsner

Hops Brewery —Powderhorn Pilsner

Desert Edge—Pub Pils


German Lager Beers

Dortmunder and Vienna

Tommyknocker—Ornery Amber Lager

Dillon Dam—Dam Straight Lager

Brewzii—Import Export

Uinta—Uinta Summer Ale

Munich Style Lagers


Boston—Samuel Adams Octoberfest

Uinta - Gelande Amber

Millstream - Shild Brau Amber


Munich Style Lagers

Munich Dark

Idaho Brewing—Idaho Dunkel

Capital Brewing—Capital Munich Dark

Moab—Park City Steamer


Munich Style Lagers

Munich, Helles

Caldera—Caldera Helles Lager

Anheuser-Busch—Anheuser World Select

Widmer—Widmer Blonde


Bock Beers

Traditional Bock and Doppel Bock

Boston—Samuel Adams Winter Lager

Boston—Samuel Adams Doppelbock

Capital—Capital Dark Doppelbock

Dillon Dam—Yo Han Bock

Bock Beers

Helles Bock

Capital – Capital Maibock

Bayern – Bayern Maibock

Capital – Blonde Doppelbock

Capital – Capital Fest

English Bitters


Idaho Brewing—Idaho Pale Ale

Uinta—Cutthroat Pale Ale

Hopper’s—Barr’s Bitter


English Bitters


Boundary Bay—Reefnetter Pale

Sockeye—Salmon River Bitter

Idaho Brewing—Idaho Pale


English Bitters


Alaskan—Alaskan ESB

Bitter Root—Bitter Root Pale Ale

Snake River/Jackson—Jackson’s ESB

Deschutes—Bachelor ESB

Pale Ales

English Pale Ale

Snake River/Jackson – Custer’s Last Ale

Bitter Root – Pale Ale

Deschutes – Cascade Ale


Pale Ales

American Pale Ale

Marin – Mt. Tam Pale Ale

Emmett’s – Victory Pale Ale

Desert Edge – Utah Pale Ale

Snake River/Jackson – Snake River Pale Ale

Pale Ales

India Pale Ale

Rogue – Imperial India Pale Ale

Uinta – Uinta Pale Ale

Second Street – English IPA


Pale Ales

American IPA

Pelican –India Pelican Ale

Sockeye – Dagger Falls IPA

Boundary Bay – Inside Passage Ale


American Amber

American Amber Ale

Deschutes – Cinder Cone Red

Laurelwood – Organic Free Range Red

Emmett’s – Centennial Amber


American Amber

American Amber Lager

Utah Brewers Coop. – Wasatch 20/02 Unofficial Amber

Weinhards -- Amber Light

Capital – Winter Skal


Scottish Ales

Scottish Heavy and Export

Red Rock – Scottish Export

Pike – Kilt Lifter

Boundary Bay – Scotch Ale


English Brown Ales

Mild and English Brown

Yakima—Lazy Days

Caldera—Caldera Hemp Brown Ale

Big Sky—Moose Drool


English Brown Ales

American Brown

Idaho Brewing—

Brown Ale

Uinta—Bristlecone Brown Ale

Bitter Root—Nut Brown Ale



Brown Porter

Deschutes – Black Butte Porter

Harmon – Puget Sound Porter

Sockeye – Power House Porter



Robust Porter

Marin – Pt. Reyes Porter

Snake River/Lander – Pingora Porter

Rogue – Porter




Wolf Pack—Storm Castle Irish Stout

Utah Brewers Coop.—Squatters Captain Bastard Stout

Bertram’s Sacajawea’s Stout

Desert Edge – Latter Day Stout



Deschutes – Obsidian Stout

Snake River/Jackson – Zonker Stout

Bayhawk – Reaper Mortality Stout



Sweet and Oatmeal

Widmer – Collaborator Milk Stout

Hops – Lumberjack Oatmeal Stout

Wild Duck – Milk of Amnesia

Emmett’s – Emmett’s Oatmeal Stout



Rogue – Imperial Stout

Caldera – Old Growth Imperial Stout

Boundary Bay – Imperial Oatmeal Stout


Strong Ales

English Old Ale

Pelican – Stormwatcher’s Winterfest

Alaskan – Winter Ale

Big Sky – Powder Hound Seasonal Ale


Strong Ales

Barley Wine

Laurelwood – Old Fireside Barley Wine

Boundary Bay – Old Bounder

Deschutes – Double Bale Quail Imperial IPA


Strong Ales

Scotch Ale

Silver City – Fat Bastard

Boundary Bay – Highland Reserve

Harmon – Auld Bog Breath


North American Lagers

American Standard & American Malt Liquor

Molson—Molson Canadian

A-B—King Cobra

Miller—Miller High Life


North American Lagers

American Premium

Miller—Miller Genuine Draft

Utah Brewers Coop.—Wasatch First Amendment Lager



North American Lagers

American Light Lagers

Anheuser-Busch—Bud Light

Coors—Coors Light

Coors—Keystone Light


American Wheat Beers


Harmon  - Wollachet Bay Wheat

Widmer – Widmer Hefeweizen

Uinta – Goldenspike Hefeweizen


Flavored Beers


Alaskan – Smoked Porter

Big Sky—Summer Honey Seasonal Ale

Pelican – Heiferweizen


Flavored Beers

Fruit Beers

Boston—Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

Marin—Bluebeery Ale

Yakima—Mandarin Hefeweizen

Desert Edge—Hefeweizen

Flavored Beers


Sake One – Momokawa Diamond

Skyy – Blue

Sake One – Momokawa Pearl


Belgian Beers


Big Sky—Biere de Noel

Sockeye—Big Creek Trappist

Boston—Samuel Adams White Ale


Emmett’s Triple

Specialty/Experimental Beers


Dillon Dam—Dam Chili Beer

Wild Duck—Chocolate    X-presso Milk Stout

Red Rock—Red Rock Reve

Boston—Samuel Adams Utopia

Ciders (18, 19, 20)


Indian River—Kelly’s Traditional Irish Hard Cider

Boston—Hard Core Cider

Indian River—Kelly’s Raspberry Irish Hard Cider

California Cider—Ace Apple Cider

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Brewers and attendees, send us your feedback!  What did you like and what can we add to the Annual Mountain Brewers' Beer Fest?


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