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2002 North American Beer Awards

The North American Brewers Association announced the medal winners of the 2002 North American Beer Awards during the Mountain Brewers Beer Fest in Idaho Falls, Idaho on June 8, 2002.  

Competition Director Hillary Jones explained the evaluation of beer took place over a three day period.  

“Our judging panels are made up of brewers, beer writers and certified judges” said Jones, “They scrutinized hundreds of beers, evaluating flavor, balance, appearance, carbonation, and adherence to classic beer style descriptions. Using that criteria they  produced the list of award winners.” 

More than 500 entries, representing breweries from Florida to Alaska, Canada and Mexico, were judged. When the results were decoded and tabulated, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were awarded. The results, were:



Category 1 – German Malted Wheat Ales

          1-a     Barvarian Style Weizen

          1-c     Dunkel Weizen

          1-d     Weizen Bock

                    Gold – Ruby Mountain Brewing Company   Wild West Hefeweizen

                    Silver – Capital Brewing Company               Capital Weizenbock

                    Bronze – Tabernash Brewing Company        Tabernash Dunkel Weiss


          1-b     Hefe-Weizen

                    Gold – Idaho Brewing Company            Dr Hops Idaho Hefeweizen

                    Silver – Water Street                           Lake County Weiss

                    Bronze – Red Rock Brewing Co            Red Rock Hefeweizen


Category 2 – Lager Beers

          2-a     Bohemian Pilsner

                    Gold – New Belguim Brewing              Blue Paddle Pils

                    Silver – Siletz Ales                            Lovin Lager

                    Bronze – Snake River Lander              Pioneer Pils


          2-b     German Pilsner

                    Gold – Caldera Brewing Company       Caldera Pilsner Bier

                    Silver – Deschutes Brewing Co           Pine Mt. Pils

                    Bronze – Red Rock Brewing Co           Red Rock Pilsner


          2-c     Dortmunder

          2-d     Vienna

                    Gold – Ruby Mountain Brewing Co       Vienna Lager

                    Silver – Tommyknocker Brewery          Ornery Amber Lager

                    Bronze – Utah Brewers Co-Op              Wasatch Slickrock Lager



Category 3 – Munich Style Lagers

          3-a     Martzen – Oktoberfest

          3-b     Munich Dark

                    Gold – Capital Brewing Company          Capital Munich Dark

                    Silver – Sun Valley Brewing                 Mountain Marzen

                    Bronze – Uinta Brewing Company         Kings Peak


          3-c     Munich, Helles

                    Gold – Oak Creek Brewing                 Gold Lager

                    Silver – Capital Brewing Company      Capital Bavarian Lager

                    Bronze – Sun Valley Brewing             Sawtooth Gold


Category 4 – Bock Beers

          4-a     Traditional Bock

          4-c     Dopple Bock

                    Gold – Capital Brewing Company     Capital Dark Dopplebock

                    Silver – Boston Beer Company        Samuel Adams Double Bock

                    Bronze – Tommyknocker Brewery    Butthead Bock

          4-b     Helles Bock

                    Gold – Capital Brewing Company      Capital Maibock

                    Silver – Capital Brewing Company     Capital Fest

                    Bronze – Idaho Brewing Company     Dr Hops Idaho Maibock



Category 5 – English Bitters

          5-a     Ordinary

          5-b     Special

                    Gold – Uinta Brewing Company         Cutthroat Ale

                    Silver – Moab Brewing Company       Deraillier Ale

                    Bronze – Moab Brewing Company     Deadhorse Ale


          5-c     ESB

                    Gold – Rogue Ales                            Youngers Special Bitter

                    Silver – Lang Creek Brewery              Tri Motor Amber

                    Bronze – Snake River Lander              Baldwin Bitters


Category 6 – Pale Ales

          6-a     English Pale Ales

                    Gold –  Boston Beer Company            Samuel Adams Boston Ale

                    Silver – North Coast Brewing               Acme Pale Ale

                    Bronze – Bayhawk Ales Inc.                Bayhawk Special Ale


          6-b     American Pale Ale

                    Gold – Dillon Dam Brewery                 Dillon Dam Extra Pale

                    Silver – Angelic Brewing                     Purgatory Pale Ale

                    Bronze – Prairie Rock Brewing            Pale Rider Ale


          6-c     India Pale Ale (IPA)

                    Gold – Bayhawk Ales Inc.                   OGGI IPA

                    Silver – Stone Brewing Company        Stone IPA

                    Bronze – Uinta Brewing Company        India Pale


          6-d     American – India Pale Ale

                    Gold – Marin Brewing Company             Marin IPA

                    Silver – Overland Express                    Tumbleweed IPA

                    Bronze – Caldera Brewing Company      Caldera IPA


Category 7 – American Amber

          7-a     American Amber Ale

                    Gold – Siletz Ales                               Siletz Amber

                    Silver – Bayhawk Ales Inc.                  Outback Amber

                    Bronze – Uinta Brewing Company        Anglers Ale


          7-b     American Amber Lager

                    Gold – Anheuser Busch                       Michelob Amberbock

                    Silver – The Great Northern Brewing      Hell Roaring Amber

                    Bronze – Coors Brewing                       Killians



Category 8 – Scottish Ales

          8-b     Scottish Heavy

          8-c     Scottish Export

                    Gold – Sun Valley Brewing                  Cabin Fever Winter

                    Silver – Grand Teton Brewing              St Michele Scottish

                    Bronze – Fox River Brewing                 Caber Tossing Scottish



Category 9 – Brown Ales

          9-a     Mild

                    Gold – Caldera Brewing Company        Caldera Hemp brown

                    Silver – Montana Brewing                    Blind Boar Amber

                    Bronze – Bertrams Salmon Valley        Mount Borah Brown


          9-b     English Brown

                    Gold – Idaho Brewing Company        Maggie’s Dog Slobber Brown

                    Silver – Overland Express                Buckin Horse Brown

                    Bronze – Oak Creek Brewing            Nut Brown Ale


          9-c     American Brown Ale

          Gold – Red Rock Brewing Co       Nut Brown Ale

                    Silver – Pelican Pub & Brewery        Doryman’s Dark

                    Bronze – North Coast Brewing          Acme Brown Ale


Category 10 – Porter

          10-a   Brown Porter

                    Gold – Deschutes Brewing Co          Black Butte Porter

                    Silver – Angelic Brewing                  Paradise Lost Porter

                    Bronze – Hoppers Grill & Brewing     Rockwell Porter

                    Honorable Mention – Left Hand Brewing      Black Jack Porter


          10-b   Robust Porter

                    Gold – Caldera Brewing Company    Caldera Pilot Rock

                    Silver – Marin Brewing Company        Pt Reyes Porter

                    Bronze – Anchor Brewing Company   Anchor Porter


Category 11 – Stout

          11-a   Dry Stout

          11-b   Foreign Stout

                    Gold – Desert Edge Brewing               Latter Day Stout

                    Silver – Coeur D’Alene Brewing          Polar Bear Stout

                    Bronze – Hoppers Grill & Brewery       Madame X Stout


          11-c   Sweet Stout

          11-d   Oatmeal Stout

                    Gold – Orchard Street Brewing             Incipient Stout

                    Silver – Utah Brewers Co-Op               Squatters Captain Bastard Stout

                    Bronze – Marin Brewing Company         San Quentin Breakout Stout


          11-e   Imperial Stout

                    Gold – Caldera Brewing Company       Caldera Imperial Stout #1

                    Silver – Prescott Brewing Company    Raven Maniac Stout

                    Bronze – Second Street Brewing         Imperial Stout


Category 12 – Strong Ales

          12-a   English Old Ale

                    Gold –  Big Sky Brewing              Powderhound

                    Silver – Pacific Rim Brewing        Buoy 8 Strong Ale

                    Bronze – Alaskan Brewing Co      Alaskan Winter


          12-b   Barley Wine

                    Gold – Moylans Brewing Company    Old Blarney Barley Wine

                    Silver – Marin Brewing Company        Old Dipsea Barley Wine

                    Bronze – Uinta Brewing Company      8th Anniversary


          12-c   Scotch Ale

                    Gold – Pelican Pub & Brewery          MacPelican Wee Heavy

                    Silver – Kettlehouse Brewing             Cold Smoke

                    Bronze – Boston Beer Company         Samuel Adams Scotch Ale


Category 13 – American Lagers

          13-a   American Standard

                    Gold – Anheuser Busch               Busch

                    Silver – Anheuser Busch             Budweiser

                    Bronze – Tecate                         Tecate


           13-b   American Premium

                    Gold – Miller Brewing Company            Henry Weinhards Private Reserve

                    Silver – Coors Brewing Company          Coors

                    Bronze – The Great Northern Brewing   Buckin Horse Pilsner


          13-d   American Light Lagers

                    Gold –  Anheuser Busch            Bud Light

                    Silver – Anheuser Busch             Michelob Light

                    Bronze – Coors Brewing             Keystone Light



Category 14 – American Wheat Beers

                    Gold – Marin Brewing Company          Marin Hefe Weiss

                    Silver – North Coast Brewing Co         Blue Star Wheat

                    Bronze – Dillon Dam Brewery             Wilderness Wheat


Category 15 – Flavored Beers

          15-a   Herbed/Spiced

                    Gold – Boston Beer Company             Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig

                    Gold– Alaskan Brewing Company         Alaskan Smoked Porter

                    Silver – Big Sky Brewing Company      Summer Honey Season


          15-b   Fruit Beers

                    Gold –  Marin Brewing Company          Raspberry Trail

                    Silver – Moylans Brewing Company     Moylan’s Wheat Berry

                    Bronze – Idaho Brewing Company        Dr Hops Idaho Raspberry



Category 16 – Belgian beers

                    Gold – New Belgium Brewing              Abbey Ale

                    Silver – North Coast Brewing Co         PranQster

                    Bronze – New Belgium Brewing          Porch Swing


Category 17 – Specialty  Experimental

                    Gold – Siletz Ales                               Spruce Ale

                    Silver – Tommyknocker Brewing          Maple nut Brown

                    Bronze – Sake One                              Pearl    


Category 18 – Draft Cider

          18-a   Apple Only

          18-b   with Adjuncts

          18-c   Perry

                              Gold – Indian River Beverage Co        Kelly’s Traditional Irish Hard Cider 

Silver – Hard Core Cider Company    Hard Core Crisp Cider

Bronze – California Cider Company   Ace Apple Cider 


Category 19 – Farmhouse Style

          19-a   Dry

          19-b   Sweetened

                               Gold –  Merridale Ciderworks                Merridale 1998      

Silver – Merridale Ciderworks                Merridale 2000

Bronze – Hard Core Cider Company       Hard Core Traditional Cider


Category 20 – Specialty Ciders

                              Gold – California Cider Company           Ace Berry Cider    

Silver – Merridale Ciderworks               Merridale Cyser

Bronze – California Cider Company       Ace Apple Honey Cider


Category 21 – Malternatives

                              Gold – Twisted Tea Brewing Co Raspberry      Twisted Tea

Silver – Twisted Tea Brewing Co                    Twisted Tea

Bronze –.Sake One                                      Tsunami-San


 Copyright 2002   North American Brewers' Association