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North American Beer Awards Winners 2001


German Malted Wheat

Bavarian Weizen, Dunkel Weizen, Weizen Bock

1st             Lindens Brewing Company             Linden’s Delusionator Weizenbock

2nd      Twin Falls Brewing Company             Dave's Wiezenbock

3rd      Water Street Brewery                         Weiss

HM      Ruby Mountian Brewing                       Wild West Hefeweizen



1st             Tabernash Brewing                     Tabernash Weiss

2nd             Brookhaven Brewery                       Hefeweizen

3rd      Fox River Brewing                                   Winnebago Wheat


German Lagers

Bohemian Pilsner

1st           North Coast Brewing                       Scrimshaw Pilsner

2nd          Uinta                                                     Uinta Club Pils

3rd             Lightning Boy Brewery                       Sidewinder Pilsner


German Pilsner

1st             Caldera Brewing                            Caldera Pilsner Bier

2nd      Uinta                                                   Summer Solstice

3rd      Water Street Brewing                       Lake County Pils


Dormunder, Vienna       

1st      Snake River Brewing                    Rolling Thunder Dortmunder

2nd             Deschutes Brewery                           Vienna

3rd      Dillon Dam Brewery                                     Dam Straight Lager


Munich Style Lagers


1st             Boston Beer Company                   Samuel Adams Octoberfest

2nd             Brookhaven Brewery                       Marzen

3rd      Water Street Brewery                      Lake County Oktoberfest


Munich Dark

1st      Water Street Brewery                     Oktoberfest

2nd             Brookhaven Brewery                       Dark Lager

3rd      Great Northern Brewing                       Black Star Dark Lager





Munich Helles

1st             Crooked River Brewing                     Select Lager

2nd             Hudepohl-Schoenling                  Christian Moerlein Select Lager

3rd             Brookhaven Brewery                       Light Lager


Bock Beers


1st             Deschutes Brewery                     Broken Top Bock

2nd             Lindens Brewing Compay                      Scratch Maibock

3rd             Boston Beer Company                    Samuel Adams Winter Lager


Helles, Dopple

1st             Bayhawk Ales                               Bayhawk Pale Bock

2nd             Bayern Brewing                                Doppelbock

3rd             Boston Beer Company                    Samuel Adams Double Bock


English Bitters

Ordinary, Special

1st             Rogue Ales                                      Younger’s Special Bitter

2nd             Deschutes Brewery                           Bachelor Bitter

3rd      Rivers                                                 Rivers Bitter


Special ESB

1st      Left Hand Brewing                                Sawtooth Ale

2nd             Crooked River Brewing                       Original ESB

3rd      Grand Teton Brewing                       Teton Ale


Pale Ales


1st      Idaho Brewing Company             Dr Hops Idaho Pale Ale

2nd             Deschutes Brewery                           Cascade Ale

3rd      Park City Brewing                          Polygamist Pale Ale

HM      Miller                                                   Henry Weinhards



1st      Bear Republic Brewing                     XP Pale Ale

2nd      Marin Brewing                                   Mt. Tam Pale Ale

3rd      Desert Edge                                        Utah Pale Ale



1st             Sleeping Giant Brewing                     Peacemaker

2nd      Utah Brewers Co-Op                   Squatters IPA

3rd             Moylan’s Brewing Co                    Moylan’s IPA


American IPA

1st             Sleeping Giant Brewing                     Tumbleweed

2nd      Marin Brewing                                   Marin IPA

3rd             Pelican Pub & Brewery                       India Pelican Ale


Amber Beers

American Amber Ale

1st      Ruby Mountain                              Angel Creek Amber

2nd      Oak Creek Brewing                                   Oak Creek Amber

3rd             Bayhawk Ales                                   Tommy Bahama Bungalow


Amber Lagers

1st      Coors                                                             Killians

2nd      Great Northern Brewing                       Black Star Amber Export

3rd      Miller Brewing                                   Henry Weinhard’s Amber Ale


Scottish Ales

1st      Grand Teton Brewing                    St Michaels Scottish Ale

2nd             Pelican Pub and Brewery                       MacPelicans Scottish Style Ale

3rd      Fox River Brewing                                   Caber Tossing Scottish Ale


Brown Ales

Mild, American

1st      Snake River Brewing                    Buffalo Brown

2nd             Sleeping Giant Brewing                       Slumpbuster

3rd             Caldera Brewing                                Caldera Hemp Brown Ale



1st      Twin Falls Brewing Company             Fall Down Brown

2nd             Crooked River Brewing                       Irish Red

3rd      Dillon Dam Brewery                                     Sweet Georges Brown




1st             Sockeye Brewing Company             Sockeye Porter

2nd             Bayhawk AlesBayhawk              Chocolate Porter

3rd      Left Hand Brewing Company             Black Jack Porter   



1st      Fish Brewing                                Mudshark Porter

2nd             Anchor Brewing                                Anchor Porter

3rd             Anderson Valley                               Deep Enders Porter





1st             Hoppers Grill & Brewing                     Madam X Stout

2nd      Big Horn Brewing Company             Ole St. Mick’s Dry Stout  

3rd             Brookhaven Brewery                       Irish Stout



1st             Pelican Pub and Brewery                     Tsunami Stout

2nd      Snake River Brewing                       Zonker Stout

3rd      Rogue Ales                                         Shakespeare Stout


Sweet, Oatmeal

1st             Anderson Valley                             Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout

2nd             Caldera Brewing                                Caldera Oatmeal Stout

3rd      Utah Brewers Co-Op                   Captain Bastards Oatmeal Stout



1st      Twin Falls Brewing Company             Imperial Stout

2nd             Caldera Brewing                                Caldera Imperial Stout

3rd             Widmer Brothers                              KGB Imperial Stout

HM      Bear Republic Brewing                       Big Bear Black


Strong Ales

English Old Ale, Scotch Ale

1st      Idaho Brewing Company                   Dr Hops Idaho Barley Wine’97

2nd             Moylan’s Brewing Company             Kilt Lifter

3rd             Boston Beer Company                    Samuel Adams Scotch Ale


Barley Wine

1st      Bear Republic Brewing                     Old Scouters Barley Wine

2nd             Moylan’s Brewing Company             Old Blarney Barley Wine

3rd      Big Sky Brewing                          Big Sky Barley Wine

HM             Anchor Brewing                                 Anchor Old Foghorn


American Lagers

American Standard

1st      Miller Brewing                                Miller High Life

2nd             Anheuser Busch                                Budweiser

3rd      Miller Brewing                                   Icehouse


American Premium

1st      Miller Brewing                                Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve

2nd             Hoppers Grill & Brewing                       Uno Mas

3rd      Sun Valley Brewing                                   Sun Valley Blonde


American Malt Liquor, Light Lager

1st             Anheuser Busch                           Bud Ice

2nd      Tecate                                                 Tecate

3rd             Anheuser Busch                                Bud Light


American Wheat

1st      Moab Brewery                                Lizard Light

2nd      Rivers                                                 Rivers Wheat

3rd      North Coast Brewing                       Blue Star Wheat


Flavored Beers

Herb and Spice

1st             Boston Beer Company                   Samuel Adams Old Fezzwig

2nd             Alaskan Brewing Company             Alaskan Smoked Porter

3rd             Anheuser Busch                                Michelob Honey Lager



1st             Rivers                                               Rivers Raspberry

2nd      Idaho Brewing Company                    Dr. Hops Idaho Raspberry

3rd      Lang Creek                                      Huckleberry & Honey



1st      Fox River Brewing                                River Bend Belgian Abbey

2nd      Twin Falls Brewing                         Ruckus Red

3rd      North Coast Brewing                       Pranqster Belgian Style Golden Ale



1st      Dillon Dam Brewery                    Dam Chili Beer

2nd      Dillon Dam Brewery                                     Raspberry Porter

3rd      Twin Falls Brewing                         Bohdi Big Dog

HM             Boston Beer Company                    Samuel Adams Spring Ale



1st      Spire Mountain Cider               Spire Mountain Apple Cider

2nd             Wyder’s Cider                                   Wyder’s Draft Apple Cider

3rd             Wyder’s Cider                                   Wyder’s Dry Raspberry Cider


Ciders - Perry

1st        Spire Mountain Cider               Spire Mountain Spiced Apple Cider

2nd             Wyder’s Cider                  Wyder’s Dry Pear Cider

3rd      Spire Mountain Cider               Spire Mountain Pear Cider    


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